Ikebana School

In addition to Bonsai, the School Xavier Redón teaches other disciplines and traditional Japanese arts, like Ikebana.

Course Ikebana workshop

The formative sessions of Ikebana last 2 hours and are taught, normally, on Sundays, with one or two sessions per climatological season. Follow us in social networks or get informed in this web page about the activity calendar and the different convocations that we do during the year.

In all workshops and Ikebana courses, the participants will need to bring their own flowers, branches, leaves, fruits, … in addition to a ceramic piece and a kenzan in order to create their arrangements.

School Ikebana flower workshop

If you want to get introduced in this art and you haven’t got the needed tools, in BonsaiZen’s shop we have a wide range of products with a 10% discount for all everyone who is inscribed in the school.

Price per session: 15 €