Trip to Japan in February : Kokufu Ten, Expo Sakka Kyookai, Symposium Bonsai, Bonbai Ten.

On 8th of February our group started their trip to Japan in a journey organised by the expert’s team of Bonsaizen. The team assessed and oriented those who wanted to buy some bonsai and, in addition, the whole group was accompanied by a Spanish translator during the whole trip. We have spent 12 wonderful days in which we have enjoyed the passioning world of bonsai and of Japanese culture in general. We have visited the best bonsai exhibitions and nurseries in the country, and we also had the opportunity of submerging in the most genuine Japan next to some of the important Japanese sensei who helped us understand a little bit more about their culture and their traditions. We also did some urban tourism in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Tokyo.

This was the journey we followed:

✔ Visit to Kokufuten and its two exhibitions, two visits to the Green Club and a visit to the best sensei of bonsai.
✔ Assistance to the Bonsai Symposium and to the demonstrations of Sakka Kyookai.
✔ Visit to Omiya and its famous Bonsai Museum.
✔ Tourism around Tokyo city.
✔ Visit to Bonbaiten, Hikone and Nagahama.
✔ Visit to bonsai masters in Kyoto and Osaka, and also to the most important Bonsai shops and nurseries.
✔ Tourism around Nara and Kyoto visiting their famous temples and the most representative places.