Trip to Japan in February: Kokufu Ten, Expo Sakka Kyookai, Symposium Bonsai, Bonbai Ten

From 6 to 18 February 2016, we are organizing an exclusive tour in order to visit the different bonsai exhibitions that take place in Japan during this month.

In this occasion, it is a very interesting trip for passionates or professionals, although it is open to everyone interested in knowing more things about the passionating world of bonsai and of Japanese culture in general. In addition to the most important exhibitions, we will also visit the main cities and interesting sites in Japan.

Like in all our trips, with Bonsaizen you will have a lot of advantages that you will never find in a travel agency nor organising the trip yourself. Our experts are available during all the trip to assess, help and guide you in your bonsai shopping. In addition, you will have a Spanish guide 24h a day. You can benefit from all our experience in order to make you extremely enjoy your trip.

They are going to be intense days of your affection to see the best bonsai in the world and to live experiences with the best Japanese sensei. We are going to know the most genuine Japan, the aim of understanding their traditions, where they come from and the meaning that they have for Japanese people. A true luxe that is only available for a few travellers.


For this trip, you can choose between two formats:

Option a)

Trip of 7 days, from 6 to 12 February, during which we will visit Kokufuten and its two exhibitions, two visits to Green Club, a visit to the best bonsai sensei, visit to the bonsai symposium and to the demonstrations of Sakka Kyookai. We will visit Omiya and its famous bonsai museum, and, moreover, we will do some tourism around the city of Tokyo.

Price: 1.850 €

Option b) 

Trip of 13 days, from 6 to 18 February that, in addition to all the activities included in the first option, will include the visit to Bonbaiten, Hikone, Nagahama and Kyoto. We will visit the bonsai sensei of Kyoto and Osaka, the most important shops and bonsai nurseries, and also we will visit Nara and Kyoto, with their famous temples and their most representative places.

Price: 2.900 €


In both formats are included:

  • Flights.
  • Stay in hotels of 3 and 4 stars.
  • Breakfast.
  • Entries to all the events and exhibitions programmed.
  • Transport.
  • Guide/translator 24 hours a day.


As in all our trips, after reserving your trip and paying the first part of it, we will give you more details on the trip. Remember that BonsaiZen is not a travel agency and that we organize the groups depending on the number of people interested.

If you want to come with us and enjoy this unique experience, don’t forget this opportunity. The group is being formed and we are already starting with the inscriptions.

If you want to reserve your trip: 665 441 835 or