Matsuri, Summer Festivals and Ceremonies in Japan

Asakusa Tokyo
On 6/7 August 2018, we started an intense trip of 11 days to know personally the festivals and ceremonies that take place in Japan in summer. A very special trip to know deeply the customs and experiment the traditions, arts and traditional entertainments of this country. These are some of the activities we have programmed: We will take part in the biggest and most attractive festival in Japan, the Awa Odori, with Taikos (drums), Shamisen (guitar of three strings), Shakuhachi (bamboo flu...

School visits in bonsaizen

Colegio Ntra Sra de la Consolación de Benicarló
As we have done in previous years for these dates, BonsaiZen invites the Schools from our region to visit its installation, so that students know in person the principles of bonsai art and learn to value. This year, we started last Tuesday 28th March with students from the School Colegio Ntra. Sra. de la Consolación from the neighbouring city of Benicarló. Accompanied all time by our technical director Xavier Redón and part of our technical team from Bonsaizen.   In a very didactic work...

End of Courses in “Xavier Redón’s Bonsai School”

Fin de Curso Escuela de Bonsai Xavier Redón
Once again, "Xavier Redón's Bonsai School" which is settled in BonsaiZen, is celebrating its special end of courses with a lot of activities for students, their families and for everyone who wants to take part. This time, the place chosen for this event will be the building Magatzem de la Mar of the near city of Benicarló, in the region of Castelló. The event will be held the 27th and 28th May 2017 and will be organised thanks to the collaboration of BonsaiZen and the city's town hall. Be...