Matsuri, Summer Festivals and Ceremonies in Japan

Asakusa Tokyo
On 6/7 August 2018, we started an intense trip of 11 days to know personally the festivals and ceremonies that take place in Japan in summer. A very special trip to know deeply the customs and experiment the traditions, arts and traditional entertainments of this country. These are some of the activities we have programmed: We will take part in the biggest and most attractive festival in Japan, the Awa Odori, with Taikos (drums), Shamisen (guitar of three strings), Shakuhachi (bamboo flu...

School visits in bonsaizen

Colegio Ntra Sra de la Consolación de Benicarló
As we have done in previous years for these dates, BonsaiZen invites the Schools from our region to visit its installation, so that students know in person the principles of bonsai art and learn to value. This year, we started last Tuesday 28th March with students from the School Colegio Ntra. Sra. de la Consolación from the neighbouring city of Benicarló. Accompanied all time by our technical director Xavier Redón and part of our technical team from Bonsaizen.   In a very didactic work...

End of Courses in “Xavier Redón’s Bonsai School”

Fin de Curso Escuela de Bonsai Xavier Redón
Once again, "Xavier Redón's Bonsai School" which is settled in BonsaiZen, is celebrating its special end of courses with a lot of activities for students, their families and for everyone who wants to take part. This time, the place chosen for this event will be the building Magatzem de la Mar of the near city of Benicarló, in the region of Castelló. The event will be held the 27th and 28th May 2017 and will be organised thanks to the collaboration of BonsaiZen and the city's town hall. Be...

Bonsai Exhibition in Amposta

Exposició de Bonsai a Amposta (Tarragona)
This week-end, BonsaiZen collaborates with the association "Associació Bonsaïsta de Montsià" organising their annual bonsai exhibition. In this event, the members of this association will show all their work to everyone. Most of the bonsaï exhibited have been worked in the workshops that the School of Bonsai "Xavier Redón" does in this city, we it moves once a month in order to teach this association of the southern region of Tarragona. The event will take place on Saturday 22th and Sunday...

Bonsai exhibition and workshops in Zaragoza

Exposición Bonsai Zaragoza
Next weekend, on the 6th and 7th May, a big Bonsai Exhibition is taking place in Zaragoza, organized by Zaragoza Bonsai Club, and with collaboration of BonsaiZen, Aula de la Naturaleza from Zaragoza's Townhall, Asociación Cultural Aragón-Japón and Viveros Montecarlo. On Saturday 6th, at 12 o'clock, the director of our Bonsai School, Xavier Redón, will hold the conference "¿Qué es bonsai? ¿Qué no es bonsai?" and in the afternoon, at 16:30h, he will direct the workshop "Bring your bonsai. We wi...

Conference “Kengai et Hankengai: bonsaï en cascade et en semi-cascade”

Conferencia sobre bonsai en cascada y semicascada.
Vendredi 10 mars, le professeur Edoardo Rossi reviendra à nouveau chez nous et nous honorera avec sa présence et ses connaissances avec une nouvelle conférence, comme il est habituel dans les dernières années. Cette fois, il va nous parler et va nous transmettre son expérience dans les bonsaï en style cascade et semi-cascade. Si vous voulez y participer, souvenez-vous que ce genre d'activités sont gratuites mais il est imprescindible de s'inscrire. Confirmez votre assistance en appelant au...

Trip to Japan: 8th World Bonsai Convention Saitama 2017

8th World Bonsai Convention Saitama 2017
During the last days of April and the first days of May we have organized a trip to Japan to visit the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama. Although it is a trip which has been thought for bonsai professionals, amateurs and bonsai professionals' partners will also be able to enjoy the same way of a passionating experience, where they will meet the world of bonsai and also the Japanese culture and traditions. Eleven days and ten nights, during which we have prepared the following activit...

We raffle a 50 cm Suiban

Suiban de 50 cm para bonsai, ikebana o suiseki
This month of December, we have another raffle for all those who buy in our online shop. This time, we offer you a 50 cm Suiban: an oval pot with cloud shape, without holes and with a blue varnish. This gift has a value of more than 48 € and due to its size it can be appropriate for Bonsai and also for Suiseki or Ikebana. Last November, we offered a wire roll and a raffia reel, which went to Portugalete (Vizcaya), to Aitor Montecelo Aroca. Remember that in order to take part in this raf...

Activities for December’s long weekend

Cursos y talleres: bonsai, ikebana y kusamono
During December's long weekend, "Xavier Redon's Bonsai School" has organized several activities in order to benefit from this festivities and from the fact that most of our students have free days which can dedicate to what thrills them most: bonsai and other Japanese arts. We start on Thursday 8th December with the second Ikebana workshop, from 11:00 to 13:30 and which costs 10€ per person. There is more information about our Ikebana School in our website. On Saturday 10th December we pre...

Free Bonsai course for beginners

Curso gratis bonsai
On Saturday 10th December, the Bonsai School "Xavier Redón" has organised in Bonsaizen's classroom (Peñíscola) a free beginners' course, for everyone who wants to get started in this art. The course is also for amateurs or professionals who want to benefit from this occasion in order to meet us. It's an activity which is open to everyone, so that everyone can know more things about our school and our way of teaching, based on a philosophy that comes from the purest Japanese traditions. Eac...