The day without VAT arrives at Bonsaizen too

Macetas baratas. Descuento y oferta en macetas 21 %
This weekend, on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November, the fever of the "day without VAT" arrives at BonsaiZen too, to celebrate with you the arrival of the new collection and assortments of bonsai pots. This special offer is valid only for pots, in the physical shop and on the web, where you will get a direct discount of 21%. Benefit from this opportunity to buy your pottery for this season!

The winner of October’s raffle and November’s gift

Sorteo de noviembre: Rollo de alambre + bobina de rafia
The lucky winner of the 36mm Kenzan for Ikebana practice that we raffled among our online-shop customers during the month of October, has been Jaume Truyols from Sentmenat (Barcelona). Congratulations! For this month, November, we thought that, as you may start working your bonsai trees for this season, it will be very useful for you a pack which is formed by a wire roll of 150 gr of 1mm un a 50 gr raffia reel. Remember that in order to take part in this monthly raffle, you must have bough...

Courses’ calendar October-November 2016

Calendario de Cursos de la Escuela de Bonsai
During the months of October and November, the courses that are active in the School of Bonsai "Xavier Redón" are the following: PEÑÍSCOLA Place: BonsaiZen's classroom. Ctra. N-340, km 1039, 5. Peñíscola (Castellón) Dates: From Tuesday to Saturday, during all the course. Schedule: Mornings from 11 to 13 h and all afternoons from 16 to 18h. Sundays only mornings from 11 to 13 h. Information and inscriptions: Xavier (Tel. 665 441 835) ZARAGOZA Place: Burgo de Ebro (Zaragoza) Dates:...

New pot collection already for sale

Nueva colección de macetas para bonsai
From today the new Bonsaizen pot collection is available for you for the new season. New colors, new shapes, new glazes... Hundreds of combinations for all kinds of bonsai, among which we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Take a look at all the available references in our online shop where you will find bonsai trees, pots and other accessories or come and visit us in our physic shop in Peñíscola (Castellón).

The winner of September’s raffle and October’s raffle

Sorteo de un kenzan para ikebana
The winner of the raffle of a gouge, realized among the people who bought in our online shop during the month of September, has been strong> Carlos Sarto Farnós from Barcelona. In October, as the first session of the Ikebana School starts, we raffle a 36mm Kenzan to create your arrangements with this Japanese floral art. The first ikebana course will be next Sunday, 16th October. Remember that the raffle is done every month among the people who buy in our online shop with an amount super...

Bonsai workshop, autumn session

Curso de Ikebana
On Sunday 16th there will be an autumnal session of the Ikebana workshops in the Bonsai School "Xavier Redón". This time, the workshop will take place in BonsaiZen's headquarters in Peñíscola (Castellón), during the morning from 10:30 h to 12:30 h and will cost 10€ per person. It is absolutely important to be inscribed in advance, so we recommend you to book your place as soon as possible by calling at 665 441 835 or sending an email at: As in all workshops and Ikeba...

Bonsai School in Zaragoza.

Escuela de Bonsai Xavier Redón en Zaragoza
Another year, we move to Zaragoza to offer our bonsai courses to the amateurs of the regions of Aragón, La Rioja and Navarra. The headquarters of the School of Bonsai "Xavier Redón" will be this time the city of Burgo de Ebro, located only 12 km away from the capital city and easily linked by the main roads. As we realise them eventually, these formative journeys of the Bonsai School in Zaragoza are done in an intensive format, from 10 to 19h, including pauses to relax and eat. The course...

Bonsai workshops in Jesús-Tortosa (Tarragona)

This new course season in the School of Bonsai "Xavier Redón" is repeating some places, that are usual in our program, as the workshop we are organizing with the association "Associació onsai Terres de l'Ebre" in the city of Jesús (Tarragona), next to Tortosa. These workshops, which have been attended by tens of friends in the last courses, will take place on Thursday every 15 days, from September to December 2016, from 20:30 to 22:30h. The price to take this course is 30€ for members of the ...

This month of September, we offer you a gouge

This September, we continue with the offer "Every month, a gift". This time, among all the shopping done during this month of an amount over 20€, we raffle an artisanal gouge. Benefit from this opportunity and do your shopping for this season. In our shop you will find all kinds of products related to bonsai: trees, substrates, pots, fertilizers, tools and other typical Japanese decoration elements.

Japanese Gardens in winter and the Gafu-Ten exhibition.

Viaje a Japón en invierno
From 5 to 15 January 2017, we are going to travel to Japan to visit the Gafu-Ten exhibition, organised in Kyoto by the Shohin Bonsai Association. This exhibition, which takes place every year on the first days of January, is the biggest event of shohin bonsai in Japan. It has got nearly 200 exhibitors and more than 60 shops in the shopping area, in addition to pictures where everyone can know the development and evolution processes of the bonsai appearing in the exibition year after year. ...