Bonsai School in Zaragoza.

Another year, we move to Zaragoza to offer our bonsai courses to the amateurs of the regions of Aragón, La Rioja and Navarra.

The headquarters of the School of Bonsai “Xavier Redón” will be this time the city of Burgo de Ebro, located only 12 km away from the capital city and easily linked by the main roads. As we realise them eventually, these formative journeys of the Bonsai School in Zaragoza are done in an intensive format, from 10 to 19h, including pauses to relax and eat.

The courses of our bonsai school are prepared for all kinds of people, it doesn’t matter the age, neither they are amateurs that are starting in bonsai art or professionals who want to improve their technique. We create heterogeneous groups where every student works his own bonsai, with his own level, in a workshop where the most important is the collaboration and the experience exchange, always directed by the instructions and knowledge of our master Xavier Redón.

The first session will be on Saturday 24th September. The number of partecipants is limited, so it is important to reserve your course as soon as possible.

For further information and inscriptions: Nacho Lou (649 296 765)

Escuela de Bonsai Xavier Redón en Zaragoza