End of Courses in “Xavier Redón’s Bonsai School”

Once again, “Xavier Redón’s Bonsai School” which is settled in BonsaiZen, is celebrating its special end of courses with a lot of activities for students, their families and for everyone who wants to take part.

This time, the place chosen for this event will be the building Magatzem de la Mar of the near city of Benicarló, in the region of Castelló. The event will be held the 27th and 28th May 2017 and will be organised thanks to the collaboration of BonsaiZen and the city’s town hall.

Below, you can take a look at the whole program of this event. Some of the activities require a previous inscription because they are limited to a few participants. Get informed in 665 441 835 or send a message to: info@bonsaizen.es

End of Courses in



10:00 h. Openingof the exhibition and beginning of the celebration

10:30 h. Ikebana workshop with Xavier Redón, Carmen Larrazabal and students from the Ikebana School. These Ikebana will be shown, once the workshop is finished, during the whole week-end.

11:30 h. Official inaugurationby the authorities and press.

12:00 h. Conference “What is Bonsai? What is not Bonsai?” by Xavier Redón.

13:00 h. Closing of the exhibition. Lunch break.

15:30 h. Opening of the exhibition.

16:00 h. Conference about “Experiences in Japan” by Lisa Schuman and Ramon Ruano.

17:00 h. Bonsai workshop by Xavier Redón and Ramon Ruano. Free inscription. Only 10 participants, you must book in advance.

19:00 h. Conference “Wabi, Sabi, Kami” by Alex Espuny.

20:00 h. Closing of the exhibition.

20:15 h. Workshop “How to improve your bonsai in a display” by Xavier Redón and Marcos Burgos. Activity only for students from the school. Important to book if you want to bring your bonsai tree.


10:00 h. Opening of the exhibition.

10:30 h. Conference/workshop of Kusamono and Shitakusa, by Mireia Bel.

12:00 h. Kasari (comment) of the exhibition by Xavier Redón.

13:00 h. Closing of the exhibition. Lunch break.

13:30 h. Fraternity lunch in Penya Setrill’s building in Benicarló. Party, raffle and presents. Very important to book and to pay previously.

15:30 h. Opening of the exhibition.

16:30 h. Performance “Bonsai, drawing and music”, by Xavier Redón and Xavi Rovira with the collaboration of a musician.

19:00 h. Closing of the exhibition and celebrations .