Japanese Gardens in winter and the Gafu-Ten exhibition.

From 5 to 15 January 2017, we are going to travel to Japan to visit the Gafu-Ten exhibition, organised in Kyoto by the Shohin Bonsai Association.

This exhibition, which takes place every year on the first days of January, is the biggest event of shohin bonsai in Japan. It has got nearly 200 exhibitors and more than 60 shops in the shopping area, in addition to pictures where everyone can know the development and evolution processes of the bonsai appearing in the exibition year after year.

Fuji Mount with snow in winter.  Japanese gardens

As usual in the trips organized by Bonsaizen, you will be able to meet personally the most important Japanese sensei. A unique experience that we are now giving the possibility to enjoy and that can’t be eperienced as much as you would.

We will visit the sensei Shinji Suzuki, Tomio Yamada, Kunio Kobayashi, Masaiko Kimura, Katoh’s family and the famous Omiya Bonsai Museum, in addition to different shops and bonsai nurseries to buy what you are looking for.

Moreover, we will benefit from this trip to visit the most famous gardens and temples in Kyoto, that in the middle of winter have are special and charming. And another special thing in the trip, we will enjoy one night in a Ryokan with Osen, the traditional japanese house with thermal baths.

Price: 2.850 € per person
* The price is orientative and can vary depending on the change from the Yen when we close the trip organization.

Included: Go and return flights. Accommodation with breakfast. All the services for the journey and entrances. Spanish guide 24h a day.

Inscriptions are already open!

For further information and reservations: info@bonsaizen.es / 665441835