Matsuri, Summer Festivals and Ceremonies in Japan

Asakusa TokyoOn 6/7 August 2018, we started an intense trip of 11 days to know personally the festivals and ceremonies that take place in Japan in summer. A very special trip to know deeply the customs and experiment the traditions, arts and traditional entertainments of this country.

These are some of the activities we have programmed:

  • We will take part in the biggest and most attractive festival in Japan, the Awa Odori, with Taikos (drums), Shamisen (guitar of three strings), Shakuhachi (bamboo flutes) and thousands of people participating and dancing at the same time with traditional Japanese clothes.
  • We will visit the lighting of thousands of Mantoe (commemorative candles) in the impressive Todaiji (Great Buda) and we will also visit the near sanctuary of Kasuga, where lots of lamps will be lit.
  • In Kyoto, we will take part in Toro-Nagashi (candles in the river) and in Daimonji (fireworks) during Obon festivitiesde, getting to know the modernity and the contrasts of this big city.
  • Also in Kyoto, we will take part in a meal served by a Maiko (apprentice) of Geisha and a traditional summer meal, in the middle of a river, in Kifune valley.
  • We will enjoy the thermal water of Onsen, in the village of Hirayu Onsen.
  • We will visit the castle of Himeji, the most spectacular in Japan.
  • In Kobe, we will taste their famous meat, known and appreciated around the world.
  • We will walk and enjoy in the most important gardens in Japan.
  • We will discover the fascinating marionette Joururi, unique in the world.

KiyomizuderaIn this occasion, we have also programmed the visit to places that are Heritage of Humanity, for which we have already reserved the tickets, which are included in the trip:

  • Ryoanji Temple, Kinkakuji, Kyomizu dera, Sanjunsangendo, Fushimi inari in Kyoto.
  • Village of Shirakawago.
  • In Nara, Todaiji and Kasuga Taisha.
  • Castle of Himeji.
  • Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Moreover, as in all the trips organised by BonsaiZen, a specialised guide will introduce and explain all the activities and all the places visited. Because of that, we will transform our holidays in a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.

After coming back, we will keep you informed of everything that has happened during the trip and we will report the trip with photographs and videos.