Bonsaizen has a complete shop of 250 square metres and an exhibition of exclusive products, imported directly from China and Japan.

You can also visit our on-line shop and make reservations and orders automatically from your house.

  • More than 1.000 bonsai and pre-bonsai, Mediterranean and imported from different regions of Europe, China and Japan.
  • Exclusive pots, handmade by European and Asian artists.
  • Pots and exhibition tables to measure, with the size, shape, colour and style that you need. Ask for information.
  • Tools and complements of different qualities, for professionals and for amateurs.
  • Substrates on demand, in big and small packages.
  • Suisekis and everything you need to make them.
  • Ikebana and everything you need to make them.
  • Kusamono and shitakusa.
  • Products and complements to help you design your own Zen garden.
  • Books and specialized publications about bonsai.