BonsaiZen offers their services to professionals and people who are interested in bonsai art.

  • School of bonsai in our installations. One-to-one lessons or in small groups (max. 5 people) from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Workshops and conferences. We move where you want (read our section Bonsai School).
  • Design and display of Zen gardens.
  • Maintenance of bonsai collections.
  • School of bonsai in associations.
  • Schoolof Ikebana, suiseki, shitakusa, kusamono and keido.
  • Hosting of collections and nursery service.
  • Advising and display of exhibitions, bonsai and display preparation.
  • Expert’s report of bonsai collections for insurances.
  • Guided trips to the olive trees’ forest or to visit the important trees in the region.
  • Organisation of trips related to the world of bonsai (to obtain updated information about out courses and trips, visit our agenda News and events).
  • Stages in our installations, including accommodation.
  • Summer stages, intensive, in case you come on holiday in our region and you want to learn or improve certain bonsai techniques.
  • Arranged group visits.
  • Organised trips to Japan to learn more things about bonsai and Japanese culture, several times a year (visit the section Travel to Japan)
  • Organised trips to learn more things about bonsai and Chinese culture.