The Bonsai School for everyone

The Bonsai School, led by Xavier Redón and with its headquarters in BonsaiZen, receives students from all over Spain due to the facilities that it offers in its timetables and its adaptation to the personal needs that each student has.

Workshop in the Bonsai School with sensei Edoardo Rossi

This school is not based on specific courses, but on the individual learning process of each student. It admits all kind of students in heterogeneous groups with a maximum of 5 people. In this way, bonsai passionates with different levels and attitudes share the same space and exchange their experiences and knowledge, working each one with his own rhythm.

Xavier Redon's Bonsai School in Zaragoza

The courses have a duration of minimum one month and are taught for 8 hours, 2 hours a week. For students who have to move from cities which are far from our school, there is the possibility to do intensive lessons of 4 hours, one lesson every fifteen days. When contracting a course, you have the right to take lessons with this duration, but you are not obliged to do them consecutively. That is, if one week you can’t come, you don’t lose that lesson and you can continue the following week.

When coming to your lessons, you can bring your own trees or, if it is difficult for you due to distance, you can work with Bonsaizen’s trees.

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