Trips to Japan

BonsaiZen organizes group tours to Japan aimed at all audiences. We offer our expertise to make your trip to Japan become a unique experience, not only to visit bonsai exhibitions, but also to have an insight into traditional Japanese culture and without forgetting the most modern and cosmopolitan Japan.

As we are not a travel agency, we don’t offer packages with dates and fixed prices. We organize groups based on demand for a minimum of 10 people.

Our trips are designed custom-made completely selecting in each case the best options for flights and accommodation. For this reason, we start organizing the groups with 5 months in advance and the payment of the trip is done in different deliveries, to guarantee places.

Travel to Japan with BonsaiZen has the following advantages, which you will not find anywhere else:

  • You will be accompanied 24 h/day by a translator-guide chosen by BonsaiZen.
  • In addition to visiting gardens and exhibitions, you are going to meet personally different sensei and you will be able to drink tea and talk with them
  • You’ll visit interesting places outside the normal tourist routes.
  • Apart from visiting the main bonsai exhibitions, you can visit other less known and not least important exhibitions.
  • In case you need it, you will have support and assistance with your bonsai acquisitions.

Do not hesitate to ask for any information of the trips that are planned for the near future. You’ll be surprised!