Trip to Taikan-Ten in Kyoto

The purpose of this trip is to visit the second best and biggest exhibition of bonsai in Japan, the Taikan-Ten, where the most important is the exhibition of autumn species with more than 250 bonsai showed.

We will visit the gardens of some bonsai masters in an eleven-day trip, an excellent opportunity to see the autumn colours of the mountains and Japanese maples. We will also visit Okayama, Kyoto and their well-known temples or their traditional region, Osaka (region of bonsai cultivation), we will go to a traditional big street market, Tokyo and other interesting areas as the biggest fish market in the world, Saitama (Omiya). In addition, we will visit some of the most important sensei as Yamada, Kobayashi, Katoh, Kimura, Takeyama, Fujikawa, Masumi, etc. and we will see two of the biggest millenary pines in Japan which are considered and treated as gods.

If you are interested in that trip, you can ask us for more information. The group trip will be only done if we are at least 9 people. Price for 9/12 people: 2.950 euros (to be confirmed). Check conditions. Don’t say no without being informed, you will get surprised.