Xavier Redón

Xavier RedónHe started in bonsai aproximately in 1988.
He is member of different clubs and associations of bonsai, ikebana and Japanese arts.
He is an effective member of Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe, and he is also the responsible and foundator of Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe-España.
He studied in most bonsai schools that existed in Barcelona area during the 90s, as well as in some from Italy.
He has also taken studies in Spain with Japanese sensei Chiharu Imai, and Isao Fukita and in Japan with sensei Tomio Yamada, Susumo Sudo and Chiharu Imai.
Between 2003 and 2005, he worked regularly with the Japanese sensei Takushima (disciple of K. Kobayashi).
He has got an excellent friendship with maestro Edoardo Rossi, with whom he has annual work encounters and other meetings in order to improve the level and compare experiences.
He has participated in several workshops led by sensei Kunio Kobayashi in different European countries.
He is one of the few people who have studied Keido (Tokonoma composition) in Europe, he has studied and worked this art with three of the greatest sensei in this discipline: Tomio Yamada, Kunio Kobayashi and Susumu Sudo, founding members of the Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai.
Named European Commissioner for organizing the Sakka Ten 2012 held in Peñiscola (Castellón).
From 1998 to 2010, he was teacher at the School of Bonsai in the “Asociación Bonsai Benicarló”. From 2007 to 2015 he was teacher in the E.P.A. Vinaròs. From 2009 to 2011, he was a bonsai teacher in the Asociación Cultural Caliu in Aiguaviva. From 2012 to 2014 he was a bonsai teacher in the association “Lo Salze” in Salsadella. In 2014 he was ikebana teacher in the E.P.A. Vinaròs.
From 2007 he was teacher in the bonsai School of the “Associació Bonsaïsta del Montsìà” in Amposta.
From 2008, he is the technical director in Bonsaizen’s Bonsai School.
From 2009, teacher of bonsai schools in the associations “Amics del Bonsai d’Alcanar” and “Lo Bonsai Gaspatxer” in Alcalà de Xivert.
Nowadays he is also the teacher in the Bonsai School of the associations “Associació Bonsai Castelló”, “Associació Cultural de bonsai TErres de l’Ebre” and “Associació Amics del Bonsai de la Sènia”.
Since 2014, he is running a bonsai school in Zaragoza.
Since 2015, he is running Bonsaizen’s Ikebana School.
During 2007, he worked in one of the most important bonsai enterprises in Spain.
From 2009 to 2013, he was technical assistant in “Univers du Bonsai” in France.
In 2011, he was the technical assistant of bonsai and Japanese gardening in the garden Navarro of La Nucia, Alicante.
During these years, he has performed several demonstrations, courses, workshops and lectures around Spain as well as in France, Portugal, Andorra and Italy.
He has taken part in several bonsai bonsai reports on television for Canal9, Punt2, SKY Blue, and to the UNE, CSN and Television Andorra. He has participated in several radio programmes as a consultant on bonsai.
He has attended and participated in important bonsai events worldwide, national congresses in Spain, Portugal and France, European congresses, bonsai exhibitions all over Spain as well as the Ginkgo Bonsai Award (Ghent, Belgium), Arco Bonsaiand Crespi Cup (Italy), italian exhibitions of NBSKE, and in all the editions of the Sakka Ten .
He has attended, in several occasions, Japanese exhibitions as the Kokofu-Ten, Gafu-ten, Bonbai- Ten and the Bonsai Matsuri Festival in Omiya.
He has shown his bonsai in several exhibitions of different levels, among which the national congresses AEB (5), European congresses EBA (2), Premio Olea (2), Nishikiten (2), MBA Prize (2), Univers du Bonsai (2), Ginkgo Bonsai Award (1), Crespi Cup (1) and the most important, the European Sakka Ten (3), as well as in lots of other local and regional exhibitions.
Since 2006, he dedicated professionally to the art of bonsai, and the diffusion of Japanese culture, in charge of maintaining private collections, combining this work with the different schools of bonsai where he is the teacher, organized by several associations or clubs, and also the diffusion of this art in lectures and workshops in addition to the preparation of amateur bonsai and displays for different exhibitions.
Every year, he organizes bonsai trips to Japan and China, with the support of a Japanese tour operator, allowing him to travel regularly to these countries and to maintain a good commercial and professional relationship with some of the best bonsai masters in the world.
His works and bonsai have been published in several specialized magazines in Spain and Europe.
He has contributed to several publications and specialized bonsai magazines like Bonsai Autóctono, Bonsai Pasión, France Bonsai, Sprit Bonsaï, Bonsai News and Omega publisher.
The pictures of some of his bonsai have been published in important books, exhibition catalogues in which he has participated,the most representative are, Bonsai Manlung penjing from China, Bonsais do Mundo (Brasil), bulletin of Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai (Japan) or the book of the X Anniversary of “Asociación Bonsái de Benicarló”.