Xavier Redón’s Bonsai school

Taller en la Escuela de Bonsai con el sensei Edoardo Rossi

The School of bonsai, managed by Xavier Redón and located in BonsaiZen, receives students from all Spain due to the facilities it offers in their timetables and their adaptation to the personal necessities of each student.

This school isn’t based on specific courses, but in the individual learning process of each student.  It admits all kinds of students in heterogeneous groups of a maximum of 5 people. In this way, amateurs of bonsai with different  levels and attitudes share the same space and interchange experiences and knowledge, working each one in a different rythm.

The courses have a minimum of one month of duration and are taught in a total of 8 hours, 2 hours per week. For the students who need to move from places far from our installations, there is a possibility of doing intensie courses of 4 hours per day, one day each fifteen days. When you contract a course, you acquire the right to obtain lessons with that duration, but you are not obliged to do them in a consecutive way. That is, if one week you can’t come, you don’t lose the lessons and you can continue the following week.

To take part in the lessons you can bring your own trees or, if it is difficult for you due to the journey, work with trees from Bonsaizen.

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  • Progressive discounts after contracting different months for your formation.
  • We also teach lessons on Saturday and on Sunday.
  • If you are student, you’ve got different exclusive benefits:
    • 10% discount in all the things you buy in our shop.
    • Deferred payment and reservation  of bonsai, pots and tools.
  • The School of Bonsai Xavier Redón gives you the possibility to increase and continue your studies in the best schools in Italia and Japan.


Period Duration Price
1 month 4 lessons 60 €
3 months 12 lessons 140 €
6 months 24 lessons 230 € (present of an apron)
9 months 36 lessons 300 € (present of an apron)

Occasional lesson of 2 h: 40 €
The duration of each lesson is of 2 hours, and you can do, asking for it, two consecutive lessons. The courses are paid in advance.



The school of bonsai also offers their services outside BonsaiZen, giving courses in bonsai associations and other institutions. Nowadays we are in:

Moreover, Xavier Redón offers workshops and conferences about bonsai and Japanese culture in different associations and institutions.